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                  Therapeutic Services, Inc. P.C.
                            5569 South Lewis Avenue, Tulsa OK
              Tom Whitsitt, Ph.D. 
     Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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She graduated in 1996 from the University of Oklahoma with a Master Degree in Human Relations. Her focus is on Counseling/Consulting: Private and Public Sectors. Marion has 18 years. Private Practice. Behavioral Mental Health Therapy. Multi-Cultural Clients/Patients: Employee Relations, M.R. facilities(Adult), Public School System, DHS, Native American Tribal Services/Foster Care/Adoptions.

Her services offered include Behavioral and Mental Health Disorders, Learning Disorders, ADHD, Child/Adult Trauma(PTSD) Abuse related issues (sexual, physical, domestic violence, emotional/Psychological).

Currently, she is accepting patients for: Individual (3 years and up), Adult, Adolescent, and Teen Psychotherapy. Family (with and without patient, age: newborn – 19 years) In Office, Schools, Home Based (in your home if applicable), and Other Places of Service, a s approved and arranged by Therapist.

Marion Mobley, MHR, LPC
Patricia Pilkington,            MS, LPC
I work with ages from 6 to 65. I will work with parents of younger children to teach new parenting skills. I have training and experience in EMDR, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parenting, Self-inflict/harm, Addictions, adoptions, separation anxiety, anxiety and depression and many other areas. I have worked in the field for ten years. I was a late bloomer in figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

As I was working my way through college, with my husband providing support, I worked at the Department of Corrections as an Officer and at the Department of Human Services in multiple areas of Child Welfare. The experience gained through these agencies afforded me many opportunities to learn and grow.

I am rather eclectic in practice, melding the needs of the individual to what I can provide. I work very hard to not put my stuff on others and I am not judgmental.

Dr. Whitsitt is a licensed therapist providing services in Tulsa, and surrounding area. With over 30 years of experience, he offers behavioral health therapy for school age children, adolescents and parents. He provides a nonjudgmental atmosphere with understanding and individual attention for the children. He offers guidance for parents who want new coping skills to help their children overcome behavioral and emotional issues. His approach aids in the development of healthy relationships between parents and their children.

Working with individual adults and couples is also a part of his practice. He provides services for individuals recovering from mood disorders, anxiety, relationship issues and the painful effects of trauma.

Dr. Whitsitt works with couples who want to address relationship issues. He conducts confidential sessions for couples and treatment is tailored to the client's unique needs. His approach is based on understanding and appreciating the struggles to sort through difficult issues and discover new problem solving skills. Therapy success is a product of active involvement and an honest look at ourselves in a private atmosphere. Clients can address thoughts and feelings that are not typically a topic of conversation with friends or family